Greek Villas in Mykonos and Santorini

The Greek Islands, comprised of 6000 islands and islets mostly found in the Aegean Sea, are legendary for their alluring beauty and diversified landscapes. Less than 250 islands are inhabitable, but all are bathed in clear light, fueled by a history and culture unique to the European continent.

White-washed houses and dome-roofed churches punctuate the countryside alongside historic archaeological sites, and views of islands like Delos, Hydra and Patmos abound in the distance. Snorkel or windsurf the turquoise waters of Mykonos, or soak up the ideal climate on one of many golden beaches.

If it's a beach side restaurant serving local grilled fish or a lively nightlife scene you're looking for, you won't be disappointed. Head to Santorini and you'll spot donkeys, one-of-a-kind beaches, volcanoes, and a truly romantic spot. Direct flights to Santorini from London, or a commuter flight from Athens to Mykonos, make the magic of the Greek easy to experience, as do ferries, which can be accessed about an hour from Athens international airport.

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South Cove Dream (LIV SCD)

$2929 - $3979/Night

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Gaia (MED GAI)

$89 - $121/Night

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Greek Villas and Vacation Rentals in Myokonos and Santorini

Our forty Greek villa rentals are selected on the basis of their distinctive character, serenity and charm. Expect white stucco walls, sprawling open-air living areas, and bright bougainvillea, as well as some of the most beautiful pools in our entire collection. While you will certainly love taking the time to explore the captivating towns, seaside ports, and family tavernas in this region, villas in Greece also provide a great place for groups to cook at home, relax by the pool, and simply enjoy being together.

Our Greece specialists will consult with you on the differences between Mykonos and Santorini (and the local regions in each), as well as work closely with your local concierge to arrange private chefs, boat outings, and restaurant reservations.

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