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Looking to vacation on a private island in the Caribbean, Bahamas or South Pacific, but are not sure how to find the one that has everything you want? Welcome to WIMCO Prive – a collection of private island resorts with villas, and a private jet charter reservations desk. You will find some great information on this page and we are here for you when you are ready to explore the different private island vacation options.

Each private island you can rent is unique and special. All offer private villas for rent by the night or by the week, centralized dining, local staff and activities, and in many cases your group can choose to have exclusive rights to the entire island if they want.

With over 35 years of experience listening to our clients needs and desires, and recommending the private island that best meets their criteria, we are well positioned to arrange all aspects of your trip from accommodations to flights to services.

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Top Private Island Vacation Rentals In The Caribbean

Your group will feel like you have the island all to yourself, that means the staff will be there to cater to your needs, you’ll have lots of space and privacy, and most times you’ll hardly see another guest.

All Caribbean private islands have superior service, luxurious accommodations and spectacular settings. However, that's where the similarity ends. Below are just a few of the many wonderful luxury island resorts from which to choose:

Necker Island

Located in the British Virgin Islands, this 74-acre Caribbean oasis is owned by British business tycoon, Richard Branson. Necker Island's 11-room great house and four luxurious bungalows provide sleeping accommodations for up to 30 guests. Facilities include two private beaches, two swimming pools, a four-person Jacuzzi, three fully-stocked bars and multiple dining areas, including a floating sushi bar. If you have a larger group, guests can be accommodated at villas on nearby Moskito Island – the sister island to Necker.

Jumby Bay Island

Located off the coast of Antigua, Jumby Bay features elegant colonial-style villas for larger groups, as well as private cottages for couples. Amenities at this luxurious private island resort include an infinity pool, three dining areas, a gym, a lighted tennis court, a private beach and a croquet court.

Oil Nut Bay

Oil Nut Bay is a luxury private villa resort on the remote eastern end of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, features less than 20 beachfront and hillside villas with private swimming pools, an open air dining area, multiple pools and beach bars, a dive center and tennis courts.

Calivigny Island

Calivigny Island, a 80-acre private island resort in the Grenadine Islands, just off the coast of Grenada, is a luxurious oasis for up to 40 guests. The island offers two villas and three beach houses. In addition to sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea, Calivigny Island has three beaches, a state-of-the-art gym, a billiards room, two dining areas and a bar, a tennis court and a freshwater swimming pool with a swim-up bar.

Guana Island

Located off of the northeast coast of Tortola, 850-acre Guana Island features a handful of private villas, each offering a perfect place to spend a secluded (first or second) private island honeymoon. The island has seven beaches, a swimming pool, a restaurant, tennis courts and a bar. The villas come with a dune buggy to help you get around the island.

Eustatia Island

This private island in the BVI, just off the shores of Virgin Gorda, offers complete privacy and enjoyment for up to 12 people at a time. With three villas, a dining area, private beach and loads of water sports gear, your group will have a memorable vacation experience on Eustatia Island.

Aerial BVI (Buck Island)

This exquisite wellness center with resort accommodations for up to 30 people lies just off the southern coast of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. Aerial BVI resort on Buck Island can be rented for the use of one group only, or shared with other guests. You'll find full resort amenities, an activity center, and a wide variety of food and beverage options

The Top Private Islands In The Bahamas

The private islands in the Bahamas offer tropical beauty and a relaxed atmosphere, just a short flight away from Miami. WIMCO’s private island portfolio includes two luxurious private island resorts on this island nation: Musha Cay and Kamalame Cay. Because of their proximity to the US, it doesn’t take long to get to these island paradises, making them perfect private island getaways.

Musha Cay

Musha Cay, in the southern Bahamas, is a secluded and private spot, ideal for multi-generational bucket list luxury island vacations, weddings and romantic private island getaways for couples. The island features a 10,000-square-foot manor house and five private villas, which can accommodate up to 24 guests.

Imagine waking up in a romantic four-poster British-colonial-style bed with a view of the Atlantic Ocean outside your balcony window. How special your wedding would be with all of your best friends and family together on this special private island. In addition to the spectacular rooms and suites, Musha Cay offers multiple dining areas, several beaches, a gym, a freshwater swimming pool and a unique, outdoor theater.

Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay, just off Andros Great Barrier Reef in the Bahamas, is a great choice for a private island vacation for two. It offers a small number of casually-elegant beachfront villas, scattered around the 96-acre property. One of the appeals of this luxurious private Bahamas island is its "unplugged" experience, with no televisions and electronics in the guest suites.

This is the place to unwind and enjoy the lush tropical gardens and uncrowded, white sand beaches. Other amenities on Kamalame Cay include tennis courts, a freshwater swimming pool and an overwater spa. Browse a sample of villas there, including Villa Coconut and Villa Blue Winged Teal.

Private Islands Vacation Ideas

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The Top Private Islands in the South Pacific

The Best Private Island Resort In Tahiti: The Brando

Just the name, "Tahiti", evokes images of lapping waves, palm trees, sunny skies and welcoming residents. At The Brando luxury resort, you can experience all of that and more.

The Brando, named for the actor who spent much of his life in Tahiti, is a private island resort with 35 beachfront villas, all combining Polynesian design and traditions with modern conveniences.

Located on the 35-acre Onetahi Island, The Brando offers private plunge pools and outdoor bathtubs as well as large picture windows in every villa. Common areas include a private beach, two restaurants and two bars, a swimming pool and a tennis court.

The Best Fiji Private Island: Laucala Island

Peninsula Villa is a beautiful private island resort located on 3,500-acre Laucala Island in the northern region of Fiji. The various thatched-roof villas that make up the living areas are connected by rope bridges and all feature a dramatic view of the waters of the South Pacific.

Dramatically perched along a verdant hillside, Peninsula Villa can accommodate up to 22 guests in 11 villas. Each private villa comes with a buggy to help guests explore the island.

Facilities on Laucala Island include a white sand beach, an infinity edge swimming pool illuminated by Tiki torches at night and five bars and restaurants. The island also has a private airstrip and its own fleet of aircraft.

Rent a Private Island for Your Wedding or Honeymoon

Picture this. It’s your wedding day. The one you dreamed about for years. You are standing on a gorgeous white-sand beach on a stunning private island with your soon to be spouse and a close group of friends and family. You share your wedding vows on the beach and then host your wedding reception on the patio of your private villa, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, with your butler serving Champagne and your private chef creating a delicious meal for your friends and family.

Or maybe you are planning to get married closer to home, and are looking for a private island honeymoon to escape to after the ceremony. What could be more romantic than you, your new spouse, relaxing in a private villa on a secluded beach, with an attentive staff nearby, ready to take care of your every need? It’s hard to imagine a more romantic way to celebrate your nuptials than by checking into a remote private-island resort for your honeymoon, where you two can indulge all of your tropical fantasies.

Whether it's just the two of you or if you plan on bringing your entire family to witness your wedding, ask your WIMCO Villas agent about our exclusive list of private Caribbean and South Pacific islands that can accommodate your group.

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Island Rentals

What are private island resort villas?

Private island resort villas are one-of-a-kind accommodations, located on their own islands in the Bahamas, Caribbean and South Pacific. These private villas are available to rent by the night or by the week, and range in size from 1 bedroom up to 10 bedrooms.

Many private island resorts offer the option to rent the entire island for a group event like private island weddings or multi-generational family vacations. All have exclusive services like an activities center, central dining areas, private chefs and butler included in the rental price.

How do you get to these private island resorts?

To get to your private island resorts in the Caribbean, Bahamas or South Pacific, you fly via private or commercial aircraft to the nearest island with an international airport, then take a smaller prop plane or ferry to the island.

For example, to get to Necker Island, you would fly to the Beef Island airport on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and then take a ferry to Necker Island.

To vacation on Jumby Island once flew to Antigua, you would take a private ferry to Jumby Bay. Some luxury islands have facilities for you to arrive directly via private plane, yacht or helicopter.

What services and amenities are available when you rent a villa on a private island?

The excellent, gracious service is one of the best things about staying at a private vacation island. We can arrange whatever your desire, including a private masseuse in the villa, a birthday party, a boat charter for fishing and scuba/snorkeling, butler service on the beach, kids activities and water sports.

Are there restaurants and bars on a private island resort?

Most private island resorts have at least one restaurant and at least two bars. In addition, all private island villas have fully-equipped kitchens and can be pre-stocked with your favorite food and beverages.

What are the top things to do when staying at a private island resort?

Each private island is unique. However, most include at least one private beach, at least one swimming pool, an activities center, and many have tennis courts. Guests can do as little or as much as they please, from relaxing on the verandah with a good book to working out in the gym. Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands even has a zip line.

Are private island villa rentals all-inclusive?

The majority of our private island villa rentals are all-inclusive. They include delicious food and beverages, transportation to and from the island and the services of the staff as well as accommodations.

What is the best time of year to rent a villa on a private island resort?

While there's really no bad time to rent a private island, some seasons are better than others and it depends on your destination. It really boils down to weather, since you don't have to be concerned about crowds on a private island.

In the Caribbean and the Bahamas, the best weather is found between mid-November and mid-April, with the rainy season peaking in the mid-fall.

In the South Pacific, the weather is balmy year-round. However, the humidity is less during the winter in Fiji and Tahiti's, between mid-May and mid-October as they are in the Southern Hemisphere. Our vacation specialists are here to help you find the private island that best meets your needs, for the time of year when you want to vacation. We would be happy to provide personalized recommendations. Our seasoned agents are just a call (401-849-8012) or click away.

What Services Does WIMCO Villas Provide to Our Clients Renting a Private Island?

We strongly believe that it's the details that make a vacation truly memorable. Do you want a honeymoon picnic on your own private beach or your favorite foods and beverages waiting for you at your private island resort when you arrive?

Do you need help planning a reunion, a honeymoon or a wedding reception on a private island? These are just a few of the many types of vacations we help you with, in addition to setting up your flights and last mile ferry or inter island plane flights.

We understand that there are many demands on your time. That's why we encourage you to leave all of your vacation planning to WIMCO Villas’ vacation specialists, who will create a unique, custom-designed vacation just for you. The most difficult part of your deluxe private island resort rental will be deciding where one of the many beautiful private islands you want to rent for you and your family.

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to make your island vacation memorable and enjoyable. Imagine getting vacation and accommodation tips from a close, trusted friend who has traveled everywhere you dream of going. WIMCO Villas' travel specialists are like that, but even better. How, you ask? Well, our team based in the US, as well as our local representatives have visited each private island. They know the right questions to ask so they can best assist you in selecting the vacation rental that best meets your individual wants, needs and desires. Feel free to contact us at your convenience to start planning your next private island vacation.

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